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The Best Gadgets and Gear in 2022 From WIRED Recommends
Not sure what headphones, smartwatch or laptop to buy?
Read more: wired.co.uk


Google Cloud Launches ‘SOC Of The Future’
Cybersecurity is a top priority for every organization.
Read more: forbes.com


SQL Server vulnerability
The cyber actors behind the campaign are using brute force attacks for initial breach, according to Microsoft
Read more: computing.co.uk


This 60-year-old technology simply refuses to die
People still use faxes to send contracts and other sensitive data
Read more: techradar.com


What will computers in the year 2050 look like?
Read more: future2050.net


You Need to Update iOS, Android, and Chrome Right Now
Microsoft patched some 100 flaws, while Oracle issued more than 500 security fixes.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Why Your Business Needs Data Resilience in an Unsafe World
Data is the lifeblood of every business today.
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


Microsoft to introduce free VPN for Edge browser
Redmond lines up a 1GB-per-month secure tunnelling service - but you'll need to sign in
Read more: computing.co.uk


Windows 11 update will see the Start Menu decluttered at last, but only for some
Latest Windows 11 build introduces multiple group policies
Read more: techradar.com


Elon Musk Is on Twitter's Board. What Could Go Wrong?
Musk's appointment could herald a controversial push for "free speech" and invite more scrutiny from the SEC.
Read more: wired.co.uk


The benefits of internet of things for supply chain
A growing number of supply chain leaders are turning to internet of things (IoT) as a means to drive efficiency,
Read more: consultancy.uk


Best Buy desktop PCs
Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which?
Read more: which.co.uk


CES 2022: five of the biggest technology trends
Major talking points include electric vehicles, hybrid working and the metaverse
Read more: theweek.co.uk


Forcing WhatsApp and iMessage to Work Together Is Doomed to Fail
Europe’s Digital Markets Act requires interoperability between popular messaging apps.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Raidforums marketplace shut down in global operation
An online forum providing criminals with stolen personal data has been taken down, in a global operation which saw its founder arrested.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


The Secret to Setting Up a Successful Digital Workspace
When distributed working became part of our everyday lives, many business leaders feared the worst:
Read more: computing.co.uk


The Hottest Mobile App Game Trends for 2022
As far as the latest mobile app trends show, the mobile gaming market will continue to shine bright next year.
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


This Is How the Global Energy Crisis Ends
With future price rises baked in and some countries on the verge of rationing gas, things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get any better.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Five key things you need to know
We look at snapshots best practice, including the way they work, why they are not the same as backups, how to avoid heavy processing overheads and key user permissions tweaks.
Read more: computerweekly.com


Forcing WhatsApp and iMessage to Work Together Is Doomed to Fail
Europe’s Digital Markets Act requires interoperability between popular messaging apps.
Read more: wired.co.uk


New paths to growth in the media industry
The traditional media industry is struggling to redefine its place in the world.
Read more: accenture.com


Microsoft and Nvidia to bring end-to-end protected GPUs to Azure
Microsoft is working with Nvidia to bring confidential computing to Nvidia GPUs in the cloud; an addition to the protected CPUs already available.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Make every part of your business more resilient
Anytime. Anywhere. We create cybersecurity tailored to your specific business needs.
Read more: accenture.com


Keeping You Safe And Secure
Read more: justcomputersonline.co.uk


Data Backup & Recovery
Why should you backup?
Read more: use-it.co.uk


What is PBlock+ adware browser extension?
PBlock+ is a Google Chrome extension that claims to be a popup blocker, but instead displays advertisements in the browser.
Read more: bleepingcomputer.com


PC doesn't meet Windows 11 requirements? There's a tool to fix that
But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Read more: techradar.com


Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2022
Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace, enabling faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change.
Read more: simplilearn.com


Ukraine invasion: Facebook and Instagram to block RT and Sputnik in the UK following government request
A spokesperson for Meta has confirmed that the company will be restricting the Russian state-owned media companies for British users.
Read more: sky.com


The Quiet Way Advertisers Are Tracking Your Browsing
Cookies are on the way out—but not enough is being done about browser fingerprinting. So what is it?
Read more: wired.co.uk


Online Safety Bill tweaked to target scam ads
Social media sites and search engines could soon have to stop paid-for scam adverts appearing by law.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


Apple's Studio Display is overkill for photo editing, but I still want one
The spiritual successor to Apple's Cinema Displays is here –
Read more: techradar.com


Our Computing Best Buys
Best ultrabooks: Top 10 ultra-portable laptops
Read more: trustedreviews.com


Windows 11: The end of the old-school Windows desktop
n the long run, Microsoft wants you to switch to a Desktop-as-a-Service model,
Read more: computerworld.com


How to Hide Your IP Address
There are plenty of good reasons not to share your IP address with the world, including privacy, security, and safety concerns.
Read more: uk.pcmag.com


The Google Cloud Adoption Framework
Is your organization ready for the cloud? Use Google's cloud adoption framework as a guide to find out.
Read more: theregister.com


Paid-for advertising still not covered in Online Safety Bill
Consumer watchdog Which? has reiterated its call for the UK government to tackle fraudulent paid-for advertising...
Read more: computerweekly.com


How silk fibres can improve digital security
Produced by insect larvae commonly known as silkworms, silk has been highly sought after for centuries.
Read more: techdatanewsflash.co.uk


The Best VPN Services Tested for Speed, Reliability and Privacy
The WIRED guide to the best VPN for the UK (free and paid) on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android and more.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Google searches for NFT overtakes crypto for first time
According to new research from Invezz.com, global search volume for “NFT” has overtaken that of “crypto” for the first time.
Read more: businessleader.co.uk


Looking Ahead: Tech Predictions for 2022
As 2021 draws to a close, what will the tech landscape look like next year?
Read more: silicon.co.uk


Data protection and IT resilience for the UK’s most iconic venue
About The Royal Albert Hall
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


What can we do to get more women into coding?
How hard could it be to learn to code in Python?
Read more: bbc.co.uk


Netskope Achieves Key Milestone in Global Coverage and Connectedness with NewEdge Infrastructure
Every data center is accessible to every customer without additional fees or surcharges,
Read more: itsecuritywire.com


These are the most dependable hard drives around
Annualized failure rate (AFR) across the board was 1.01% last year
Read more: techradar.com


How to fix iPhone network coverage and hotspot problems
Here is how to solve them.
Read more: computerworld.com


We Are at the Dawn of the Age of Physics-Supplied Energy
Power can become cleaner, cheaper, and better. Here’s how.
Read more: wired.co.uk


24 advanced tips for Android 12
Make the most of Google's Android 12 software with these expert-approved steps and adjustments.
Read more: computerworld.com


Apple Safari flaw can leak users' recent browsing history and personal identifiers
The vulnerability stems from an issue with Apple's implementation of a JavaScript API which is part of Apple's WebKit
Read more: computing.co.uk


Six tech predictions that will shape the industry in 2022
Over two years of turbulence, organizations have rushed to find adequate solutions to respond to several challenges imposed by altered work patterns and business strategies.
Read more: businessleader.co.uk



The Best Gadgets and Gear in 2022 From WIRED Recommends
Not sure what headphones, smartwatch or laptop to buy?
Read more: wired.co.uk

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