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Eleven new iOS 14 features to look forward to, from translation to privacy labels
Your iPhone's home screen is about to look a lot different.
Read more: popsci.com


Chrome to target abusive notification requests beginning in July
Starting with Chrome 84 sites that Google thinks traffic in notifications meant to trick users will be blacklisted.
Read more: computerworld.com


Newest Google Maps feature has nothing to do with navigation and directions
Google announced a brand new Google Maps feature that has game-changing potential, literally.
Read more: bgr.com


iPhone Apps Warning:
You Should Remove These 3 Highly-Rated Apps.
Read more: forbes.com


Dealing in data
Lessons learned from pandemic data reporting will help forge new analytics techniques to improve data quality.
Read more: computerweekly.com


Social app Glug prepares for UK launch
The co-founder of Bongo’s Bingo, Joshua Burke, is launching a brand-new venture in July.
Read more: uktech.news


How the development of apps can support companies during Coronavirus
Malcolm Carroll, Director at Bluefinity International, discusses the role business app development can play in
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk.


Google got rich from your data.
DuckDuckGo is fighting back
Read more: wired.co.uk.


How to Stay Safe on the Internet
By this, the fourth and final entry in this series, you should have a grasp of information security basics.
Read more: technewsworld.com


Google officially lays claim to quantum supremacy
Quantum supremacy is here, researchers from Google claim.
Read more: sciencenews.org


How the development of apps can support companies during Coronavirus
Malcolm Carroll, Director at Bluefinity International, discusses the role business app development can play in supporting businesses and individuals, and how app development is supporting the fight against Covid-19
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


Zoom continues its catch-up security sprint with new training, bug bounty tweaks and promise of crypto playbook
How many users did it have before it started this stuff?
Read more: theregister.co.uk


How to turn on dark mode on all your apps and devices
It cuts down on eye strain, prolongs battery life and it may even be good for your health
Read more: wired.co.uk


ImmuniWeb offers free web test to reveal organisations' exposure on the Dark Web
System reveals exploits, stolen credentials and documents posted on sites frequented by criminals
Read more: computing.co.uk


Read more: briefcam.com


Tanium recognised as one of the UK’s “Best Workplaces” for 2020 by Great Place to Work
Tanium, provider of unified endpoint management and security built for the world’s most demanding IT environments,
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


What the rise of Zoom reveals about how we talk to colleagues
Answering the phone went out of fashion years ago. But coronavirus could bring it back in a big way.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Hackers are Running Rampant Exploiting the SaltStack Vulnerability
Servers are under serious attack right now as threat actors scan the internet for unpatched systems containing SaltStack software,
Read more: cbronline.com


WhatsApp Group Video Calls Will Soon Support Up To Eight People
The feature is arriving next week. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said sales of the company's Portal devices have gone up by '10x' during the pandemic.
Read more: uk.pcmag.com


SureCloud Launches Free Supply Chain Solution in Response to the COVID-19 supply-chain issue
SureCloud, a provider of cloud-based, Gartner recognised Integrated Risk Management solutions and cybersecurity services, has announced the launch of its free Supply Chain Tool.
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


Cosmo Communicator: Phone-laptop hybrid is neat, if niche, tilt at portable productivity
Planet Computers' gizmo builds a bridge between two worlds, but it's not without limits
Read more: theregister.co.uk


Facebook accuses Israeli firm NSO Group of spying on WhatsApp users via US servers
NSO Group had used a server run a Los Angeles-based hosting provider, according to Facebook
Read more: computing.co.uk


The science of laughter – and why it also has a dark side
When you hear someone laugh behind you, you probably picture them on the phone or with a friend -
Read more: theconversation.com


5 Quack Covid-19 'ures' That Have Been Busted by the Feds
There's no remedy for the virus yet, but that hasn't stopped shady marketers from selling them.
Read more: adweek.com


It's a huge year in gaming with new titles and consoles hitting the market
Gamers are waiting patiently for the launch of Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Sony's PlayStation 5 later this year.
Read more: theweek.co.uk


5 Ways To Use The Online World To Relax
If you share your computer with others, you may want to hide certain files and folders so that people don't go nosing into your files.
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


How to Hide Files, Folders, and Drives in Windows 10
If you share your computer with others, you may want to hide certain files and folders so that people don't go nosing into your files.
Read more: makeuseof.com


How to stay safe on public Wi-Fi
A virtual private network (VPN) is essential to safeguard your privacy online.
Read more: clickedonline.co.uk


Google wants to dump Qualcomm, launch smartphone SoC as early as next year
The Pixel 6 could have a Google-built processor.
Read more: arstechnica.com


QuickBooks is still the gold standard for small business accounting.
Learn how it's done now.
Read more: thenextweb.com


How to pimp Google Meet to give it Zoom's best features
Frustrated with the lack of customisation on Google's video conferencing app
Read more: wired.co.uk


Google says it blocks 18M malicious coronavirus-related emails from your inboxes daily
Cybercriminals are having a field day as people are stuck in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus-related phishing attacks have risen
Read more: thenextweb.com


AOC-Do your best work ever, without leaving your home
For millions of people around the world, working from home has never been easier or more accessible.
Read more: clickedonline.co.uk


This Self-Winding Charging Cable Is an Even Better Fidget Toy
In a time when frivolous mental distractions are an especially important part of everyday life, a simple idea for an upgraded charging cable that can wind and organise itself could become the most entertaining gadget on your desk.
Read more: gizmodo.co.uk


Apple fixed one thing to make the MacBook Air one of the best laptops around
Social distancing has made this an unfair time to review a laptop like the MacBook Air.
Read more: popsci.com


The best VPN service 2020
Getting the best VPN you can continues to be an essential piece of kit to keep your online life as safe and secure as possible in 2020 - especially in the light of current world events.
Read more: techradar.com


What is coronavirus and what happens now it is a pandemic?
More than 1,350,523 people have been infected with the novel virus, with significant outbreaks in the US, Italy and Spain, and 5,373 deaths in the UK
Read more: wired.co.uk


InsurTech Loadsure has landed £1.1 million in its latest funding round.
The freight insurance company aims to simplify and digitise the spot freight cargo insurance processes
Read more: fstech.co.uk


Complexity, what complexity? Bank on the hardware layer for multi-cloud success
Firms in retail, manufacturing, logistics and more are embracing cloud computing in one form or another
Read more: theregister.co.uk


How the 2020 budget will impact UK tech
As the country is gripped by growing concerns around coronavirus, Brexit, and the spectre of a recession,
Read more: techworld.com


You can get Microsoft Word fro free, here's how
Remote working has quickly become an increasing reality thanks to coronavirus, but how do you get the same tools at home as you do in the office?
Read more: metro.co.uk


These smart tweaks make browsing in Chrome (almost) private
There's plenty of browsers our there, but Chrome's functionality keeps people using it.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Climate change: New rules could spell end of 'throwaway culture'
New rules could spell the death of a "throwaway" culture in which products are bought, used briefly, then binned.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


London Assembly calls for ban on anonymous social media accounts
The call to ban anonymous social media accounts follows the suicide of TV presenter Caroline Flack,
Read more: computerweekly.com


Everything you need to know about Revolut, the UK's digital banking unicorn
If you haven't heard of Revolut yet, you've probably not been paying too much attention to the UK's FinTech scene.
Read more: uktech.news


WATCH: 5 Top Tech Minds Reveal Hopes and Fears About AI
AI Will Never Be Human
Read more: huffpost.com


First automated EMC test system for both 5G frequency ranges comes from R&S
Rohde & Schwarz presents the first turnkey solution for measuring radiated spurious emissions from 5G components in both frequency ranges FR1 and FR2.
Read more: rohde-schwarz.com


Facebook dark mode: when it's coming, and how to check it out early
Facebook dark mode is a new look for the social network that replaces its usual bright, white interface with black and shades of gray.
Read more: techradar.com


How to choose the right laptop for you
Everything you need to know.
Read more: popsci.com


Google is the UK's best employer, but that's not the whole story
Google has been voted the best company to work for in the UK.
Read more: wired.co.uk



Eleven new iOS 14 features to look forward to, from translation to privacy labels
Your iPhone's home screen is about to look a lot different.
Read more: popsci.com

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