If anyone needs a computer repair then I would just like to recommend Pete PC. I found Pete on Perton Pages following an 'unfortunate' mouthwash incident with my son and his laptop! Computer has been fully fixed within a week and at a reasonable price. Thank you again.

Beth Cooper

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4 Key Factors in Securing the Data-First Enterprise—From Edge to Cloud
With the rate of cyberattacks at an all-time high—and no signs of abating—protecting your enterprise requires constant vigilance.
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Microsoft: Technology giant splits Teams and Office globally
The firm separated the two products in Europe last year as it faced a possible fine from competition watchdogs.
Read more: bbc.co.uk


AT&T says leaked data set impacts about 73 million current, former account holders
The company said the data set appears to be from 2019 or earlier. AT&T said it does not have evidence of unauthorized access to its systems resulting from the incident.
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Ahead in the Clouds
Analysis of the latest trends in cloud and datacentre technology.
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Just how risky is artificial intelligence?
It could help position Britain as a world leader on AI regulation,
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Wordle will eventually run out of words.
What do AXIOM, BAYOU, FJORD, KAYAK, PARER and ZESTY all have in common?
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For more than a year now, we have been talking about how investments in AI servers
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Hackers Found a Way to Open Any of 3 Million Hotel Keycard Locks in Seconds
The company behind the Saflok-brand door locks is offering a fix, but it may take months or years to reach some hotels.
Read more: wired.com


Fortinet appliances remain vulnerable to critical bug, risking cyberattacks
significant portion of 133,000 vulnerable devices are located in Asia.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Things You Need to Know Now About Edge Computing
Edge computing is one of the most important trends in IT.
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Meta outage disrupts social media globally
Meta services, including Facebook, Instagram and Threads, have been downed in a brief service outage
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Sandvik goes to the ends of the earth
Mobile crushing and screening solutions from Sandvik are being put to the test in one of the world’s harshest environments.
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Fed up with Edge being pushed in Windows 11?
Next update brings some good news, but Microsoft still needs to do better
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Technology is Not Neutral’
Stephanie Hare will give the keynote address for the eighth annual Women in Cybersecurity event.
Read more: uktechnews.co.uk


Microchip announces a new family of dsPIC
A corresponding ecosystem of support tools will help simplify motor control system development and accelerate time to market.
Read more: powerelectronicsnews.com


The best VPN deals in February 2024
NordVPN's birthday promo is still live and gets you a free Uber Eats voucher
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The Best Laptops in 2024
Whether you're looking for a productivity, gaming, or budget laptop, if you're all in on Windows or MacOS, we've got a pick for you.
Read more: gizmodo.com


The Best Laptops in 2024
Whether you're looking for a productivity, gaming, or budget laptop, if you're all in on Windows or MacOS, we've got a pick for you.
Read more: gizmodo.com


Google brings Stack Overflow’s knowledge base to Gemini for Google Cloud
Developer Q&A site Stack Overflow is launching a new program today that will give AI companies access to its knowledge base through a new API
Read more: techcrunch.com


What is VRAM?
When getting your hands on the best graphics card on the market, its graphical performance is the most important asset as it determines the level of games it can handle.
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New optical disk tech promises petabit-level storage
More than 4,000 times more storage than Blu-ray
Read more: computing.co.uk


This ‘Amazon’s Choice’ video doorbell could let just about anyone spy on you
Does it use the Aiwit app?
Read more: theverge.com


What Happens When Facebook Heats Your Home
Big Tech data centers are not only being used to power the internet but also to heat people’s homes.
Read more: wired.co.uk


Cloud Sustainability
T leaders seeking information on the sustainability of cloud services are reliant on the assurances of vendors about the sustainability of their services.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Who makes money when AI reads the internet for us?
A new Arc browser feature summarizes search results on a single web page and creates on its own, cheating websites.
Read more: engadget.com


Apple is ramping up its fight against malware
Apple is updating fundamental Mac protection at a higher release cadence than ever before.
Read more: computerworld.com


UK's AI Safety Institute warns of LLM dangers
Advanced AI systems can deceive human users and produce biased outcomes
Read more: computing.co.uk


How to Be More Anonymous Online
Being fully anonymous is next to impossible—but you can significantly limit what the internet knows about you by sticking to a few basic rules.
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2024 could mark the end of the road for passwords
Passwordless logins with passkeys
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Here we go again: 2023’s badly handled data breaches
Delays, silence and unanswered questions follow these organizations into the new year
Read more: techcrunch.com


Square Enix plans 'aggressive' use of AI to create new forms of content
Generative AI provoked a lot of discussion last year around images, text and video, but it may soon affect the gaming industry as well.
Read more: which.co.uk


7 things to do with your new iPad or tablet
From optimising your tablet's battery life to choosing a good browser, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your new device
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Something nasty injected login-stealing JavaScript into 50K online banking sessions
Why keeping your PC secure and free of malware remains paramount
Read more: theregister.com


Keeping pace with evolving technology trends remains vital to business growth
Be determined, not deterred.
Read more: kpmg.com


Heterogeneous framework advances blockchain computing
HeteroBlock from WiMi combines cloud servers, general-purpose computers, and FPGAs to form an efficient blockchain heterogeneous computing framework.
Read more: edn.com


High-tech mine planning
Many industries are digitalizing their work processes.
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How to factory reset a computer
Sometimes you need to factory reset your computer.
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2024 Cybersecurity predictions from Quest and One Identity
In 2024, the cybersecurity sector will face a variety of challenges
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Vinted's stylish security: Navigating fashion-tech fusion
Turning to open source to address containers and microservices
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20 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2023
From the falling costs of renewable energy to new treatments for a whole host of diseases, 2023 wasn’t all doom and gloom.
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Internet providers forced to give ‘clear’ info under new Ofcom guidance
Ofcom has issued new guidance to internet services providers (ISPs) to ensure consumers are given clear information about their service when signing up to a new deal.
Read more: nationaltechnology.co.uk


Next-gen Windows leak: 6 AI features that could change PCs forever
A new report says Microsoft is rebuilding Windows from the ground up to integrate helpful, practical AI features.
Read more: pcworld.com


How will the landline phone switch work and what do you need to do?
The old copper phone network will be switched off in 2025 and phones will instead use the internet to make calls.
Read more: news.sky.com


Microsoft is making PowerPoint better for those of us who always have subtitles on
Microsoft is bringing closed captions to PowerPoint for the web.
Read more: techradar.com


The EU will reportedly rule against Apple in Spotify's complaint over App Store policies
The company could be hit with a hefty fine and banned from anti-steering practices.
Read more: engadget.com


Google Maps gives you more control from the blue dot
Tap the dot to change key location settings.
Read more: theverge.com


UK faces high risk of "catastrophic" ransomware attack
Lack of planning and investment in cyber security risks bringing country to standstill.
Read more: computing.co.uk


Best High-End USB Mic
A good hook can draw listeners in, but bad sound quality can drive them away.
Read more: uk.pcmag.com


Digital memories are disappearing and not even AI or Google can help
Technology allows us to keep more of our stuff than previously possible – but what use is it if we can't find it?
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4 words that speak volumes about Google's future Pixel plans
Could this be a sign of a whole new era for the way Google Pixel phones are presented?
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4 Key Factors in Securing the Data-First Enterprise—From Edge to Cloud
With the rate of cyberattacks at an all-time high—and no signs of abating—protecting your enterprise requires constant vigilance.
Read more: techtarget.com

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